Donald Sterling won’t fight NBA, will let spouse offer Clippers

Donald Sterling won’t fight NBA, will let spouse offer Clippers

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Might 23, 2014 | 11:19am

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Donald Sterling won’t battle NBA, will let spouse offer Clippers

Racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling surrendered control over their team to their estranged wife Shelly on Friday — and she actually is now negotiating a cope with the NBA to market, in accordance with A tmz report that is new.

Sterling, 80, determined he was out of options, the report said because he realized.

The NBA circulated an overview Monday that detailed the fees it might register to force Sterling and Shelly from the franchise they’ve co-owned for 33 years. The arrangement depends on the NBA accepting it and permitting Shelly to operate aided by the Commissioner Adam Silver to seal a deal. Read more…



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